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Water Court House

Location /  TBD
Program / Residence & Guesthouse
Design / Hideki Tamura

water court house


水庭の家 - 光と風の通る水盤のある暮らし


Water Court House
Embracing Water Features: A Lifestyle Engaging with Light and Wind

Proposing a lifestyle centered around a water feature in a tranquil residential area. The water feature not only serves for ornamental purposes but also functions as a "water Court," bringing pleasant light and air into the interior. Two-story main houses are positioned to the north of the water garden, while a three-story guest house is situated to the south, with both buildings interconnected at the ground level. The above-ground structures consist of five volumes, each covered with roofs of varying heights, planned to maintain a balanced volume that doesn't encroach upon the water garden or disrupt the harmony of the surrounding urban landscape. Inside, differences in elevation between volumes are connected by skip-floor layouts, offering diverse sequences of scenery both inside and outside the home. Internally, partitions are minimized except for structural walls, allowing residents to live intimately with nature through features like terraces, roof balconies, and the water garden itself.

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