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Underground BAR in Yoga

Location / Yoga, Tokyo
Completion / 2017
Design / Hideki Tamura (PODA),
            Yoshitaka Arita Architect Office          

Underground BAR in Yoga


記憶の彩り - 地下の隠れ家 - 5坪のバー -


Coloring a Memory
- The Hideaway: A Small Bar Underground -

A small bar located on the basement floor of the Yoga Station Building in Tokyo. All the existing walls and ceilings, charred black with small fire, were stripped away, leaving the bare concrete structure to retain its memory. The counter and shelves are finished only with plywood and paint. Gold-painted bottle shelves illuminate the counter and walls with a golden glow. Despite being low-cost, it seems that a glamorous and cozy space has been realized.

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