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Mar. 6, 2023 恵比寿銀座クロスビル再訪



完成間もない頃撮影したこの写真に比べると、各テナントさん、看板やポスターなど、いろいろと工夫を凝らして飾っていらっしゃるようでした。4年の月日を経て、恵比寿銀座商店街の街並みに、だいぶ溶け込んできた気がしました。恵比寿駅付近にご用の際は、お立ち寄りいただけると何よりです!  田村

I had some business near Ebisu and decided to stop by Ebisu Ginza Cross Building, which we had previouswly designed and supervised. The lower part of the building's exterior is made up of large glass panels covered with white crosses. During the bustling evenings of the restaurants, the energy inside is conveyed to the people passing by on the street, and during the daytime, when there are many clinic visitors, the building was designed to be easily recognizable as a medical facility.

Compared to this photo taken shortly after its completion, each tenant has put a lot of effort into decorating their spaces with signs and posters, and after four years, it feels like the building has blended in quite well with the streetscape of the Ebisu Ginza shopping district. If you have any business near Ebisu Station, I would be delighted if you could stop by!

Photo: Satoshi Asakawa





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