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Hakodate Ichii Renovation

Location / Hakodate, Hokkaido
Completion / 2013
Design / Hideki Tamura

Ichii Renovation


視線を調停するステンレス製有孔パネル -




Facade Coherent with the Environment
Perforated Steel Panel for Mediating Internal and External Gazes

This project involved the renovation of a two-story wooden restaurant building that had been built in the 1980s and faced a typical suburban roadside in Hakodate city. The client requested a new facade that would be both outstanding and welcoming to local people and tourists in a casual manner.

To avoid putting additional structural burden on the existing building, a structurally independent steel framework was constructed around it. The framework was then enclosed with perforated stainless steel panels and wooden louvers, which created a gradual transition of views between the interior and exterior. The perforated stainless steel panels, with their triangular holes, seem to softly capture the ever-changing sky, while the wooden louvers were arranged to conceal the steel framework and warmly invite visitors into the restaurant.

The design aimed to recover the region-specific townscape and familiarity without accommodating itself to the signboard-streetscape. The interior space was mostly renovated on the second floor, where an open kitchen counter and seating were installed.

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