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Aoyama Hyotei

Location / Aoyoma,Tokyo
Completion / 2009
Design / Hideki Tamura (PODA),
Takashi Shinozaki (Asterisk Studio)

掲載誌 / 商店建築 2010.05
Publication / Shoten Kenchiku  2010.05


撮影:太田 拓実


Japanese restaurant “Aoyama Hyotei” is located on the first basement floor of a multi-tenant building along Aoyama Dori, the main street running across one of the most sophisticated shopping and business hubs in Tokyo. The restaurant features a long white counter winding around a stainless steel kitchen, and two rows of private rooms behind the walls finished with metallic brown tiles. The former countertop made of white synthetic stone shows the elegant color of the traditional earthenware to advantage. Enjoying the dynamic cooking performed over a charcoal fire and steaming pots, customers could be the intimate spectators to share a long white dish. Private rooms are mainly prepared for the stylish neighbors and celebrities who host a business reception or a private banquet. The ceiling of a private room painted in gold is imprinted with the intersection of two house shapes. The four private rooms can be used as a continuous party room by storing the partitions into the slit between the closets. A passage between a counter and private rooms, whose ceiling is the highest, represents an open air garden alley to invite guests into tea houses. Ginkgo leaves turning gold yellow blown from the outside, shining proudly on the sprinkled garden alley, are shaped with the scattered sheets of gold foils on the dark mortar floor, sealed with seamless shiny resin. The abstraction of the seasonable element could be valuable not only to make dishes lively, but to take their mind off of the fact that they are dining in the basement. 

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