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Aoyama Hyotei

Location / Aoyoma,Tokyo
Completion / 2009
Design / Hideki Tamura (PODA),
Takashi Shinozaki (Asterisk Studio)

掲載誌 / 商店建築 2010.05
Publication / Shoten Kenchiku  2010.05


撮影:太田 拓実

青山表邸 - 茶庭のような地階の和食店 -


Aoyama Hyotei
Japanese Restaurant in Basement with Tea Garden Ambiance

"Aoyama Hyotei" is a Japanese restaurant located on the first basement floor of a building near the intersection of Minami-Aoyama 3-chome, primarily offering motsunabe (offal hot pot). The Jingu Outer Gardens Ginkgo Avenue is nearby. Surrounded by a counter enclosing an open kitchen, private rooms are positioned behind. To accentuate the Oribe-yaki pottery used for serving dishes, the counter is made of white artificial marble. The idea was to create an ambiance where customers could gather intimately as if surrounding a single white dish while observing the cooking of charcoal-grilled and steamed dishes. There are two types of private rooms: four rooms seating four people each, and one room seating ten. The ceilings of the gold-painted private rooms are shaped like intersecting house roofs. The private rooms can be used as a single party room by storing the retractable partitions, allowing for integrated usage. The passage above the row of private rooms has an open ceiling, representing a damp ground leading to the private rooms. The floor, adorned with gold leaf motifs shaped like ginkgo leaves, adds to the ambiance, allowing diners to forget they are in the basement as they savor warm dishes and feel the autumn breeze.

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