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Oct.16, 2023 homify最新記事「用賀地下のBAR」 「秋の夜長を楽しむ、おしゃれなホームバー10選」


用賀地下のBAR」homifyで掲載いただきました。 homifyの記事はこちら. 扉を開けると、暗闇に浮かぶ金色のカウンターが出迎えます。 安価な素材を使いつつも、塗装と光の効果にこだわった作品です。田村 

"Underground BAR in Yoga" has been featured on homify.

Located underground near Yoga Station in Tokyo, a small bar which we previously designed is featured on homify. Upon opening the door, a golden counter emerges in the darkness. Despite the use of low-cost materials, this project places a strong emphasis on the effects of painting and lighting. The exposed concrete walls suggest the history of a small fire that occurred here a decade ago.


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