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May. 11, 2024 鉄骨建方 - 笹目の作業場  Steel Frame Construction - Sasame Workshop

4月末に鉄骨建方が始まると、あっという間に本体スケルトンが立ち上がりました。とはいえ鉄骨部材の検討には、相当の時間を要したので、その意味では「ようやく」と言うべきところですが。それでも現場に鉄骨部材が搬入されると、ほんの数日で鉄骨が立ち上がり、そのスピード感には敬服するばかりです。 鉄骨建て入れ検査は大きな問題もなく、無事終了しました。斜めに突き出た2階の緑化テラスや、東西の床段差をつなぐトラス階段などを、外部から確認したのち、細身の内部階段をそっと上り、2,3階から周囲の風景をはじめて見渡します。そこには、工場のトタン屋根や荒川沿いの緑地など、地上からは決して見ることのできない風景が、広がっていました。今回の構造設計はオーノJAPAN、鉄骨工事は丸鐵工房さん。共にすばらしい協力者に恵まれたおかげで、現場は順調に進んでいます!今後はスラブやデッキプレートなど床工事へと移行予定です。

As April drew to a close, the steel frame construction began, and before we knew it, the main skeleton of the building had risen swiftly. Although considerable time was devoted to the consideration of steel frame components, it's fair to say that we've finally reached this stage. Yet, when the steel frame components arrived at the site, the steel structure rose within just a few days, leaving us in awe of its speed.

The steel frame erection inspection proceeded smoothly without any significant issues and concluded successfully. After inspecting elements like the diagonally protruding green terrace on the second floor and the truss staircase linking the floor level differences from east to west from the outside, we quietly ascended the slim interior staircase and began to survey the surroundings from the second and third floors. There, we were greeted with vistas that were previously unseen from ground level, including the factory's corrugated iron roof and the greenery along the Arakawa River.

This project's structural design was handled by Ohno JAPAN, while the steel frame construction was executed by Marutetsu-koubou. Thanks to these excellent collaborators, the project is proceeding smoothly! Moving forward, we plan to transition to floor work such as slabs and deck plates.


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