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July. 01, 2024 木製方立+スキップフロア(1) - 笹目の作業場 Installation of Wood Mullion+Split-level Floor System - Part 1 - Sasame Workshop

更新日:5 日前



The composite slab floor is complete, and secondary components such as mullions, girts, and rafters are being installed on-site. One of the building's distinctive features is the planned curtain wall made of polycarbonate multi-layer panels on the south and west sides. We aim to create a bright working environment that relies minimally on artificial lighting. Although the structure is steel, the mullions that bear the wind pressure of the polycarbonate panels are made of cedar. Using wood for secondary components provides thermal bridge mitigation and cost savings. By offsetting the horizontal members, they naturally act like branches, reducing direct sunlight similar to the effect of dappled light.

Another feature is the adoption of a Split-level floor system, recognizing the different ceiling height requirements between the first-floor workspace and other uses. The gaps created by the differing floor heights serve as the main entrance and staircase spaces, warmly welcoming visitors.


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