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Mar. 08, 2024 ベースプレートの設置   軟弱地盤における杭基礎工事(2) - 笹目の作業場 Base Plate Installation - Sasame Workshop 




The foundation work has concluded successfully, bringing a sense of relief. Following the Noto Peninsula earthquake early in the construction phase, reports emerged of buildings collapsing due to loose piles. Given the soft ground conditions, the unseen substructure beneath plays a vital role. With piles reaching 35 meters, some deviation is inevitable, so we meticulously checked every detail, including how to rectify any misalignment, in collaboration with the structural designers.

Additionally, we plan to integrate main framework elements like columns and beams as expressive featurese quivalent to finishing materials. Despite the base plates being concealed after the floor slab is laid, they remain crucial in transmitting stresses to the pile foundation. It will continue to remain here until the middle of April when the steel frame construction begins.


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