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Ichii Renovation
Location / Hakodate, Hokkaido
Completion / 2013
Design/ Hideki Tamura
掲載誌/商店建築 2014.12
Publication/ Shoten Kenchiku 2014.12
JCD Hokkaido Branch Design Award/  Award of Excellence 
JCD Design Award 2014/ Selected
Architizer 'Featured Project'




The project mainly focused to renovate the façade of the existing two-story wooden structure, built in 80’s as a Japanese restaurant, located by the typical suburban roadside. The client requested that the new façade should be outstanding, and welcome local people and tourists somehow in a casual manner. The existing structure was surrounded by stainless steel panels and wooden louvers which were supported by structurally independent steel framework. The bead blasted stainless steel panels, perforated so as to gradually mediate between inside and outside the existing structure, take on a dim appearance of the sky. Dressing up in two contrasting materials, the new façade will attempt to recover the region-specific townscape and familiarity, without accommodating itself to the signboard-streetscape. The interior space was renovated mostly on the second floor with the installation of an open kitchen counter and seating. 

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